Terms & Conditions

Terms And Conditions For Custom Embroidery

MINIMUM ORDERS: Below-minimum orders will be accepted at the sole discretion of PRECISION THREADS EMBROIDERY, Inc. and are subject to quotation.
 All discounts, special pricing, waiver of set-up fees, free shipping or other offers are applicable only to minimum orders in addition to other stated terms.

ART APPROVAL: Customer is responsible for all aspects of artwork approval including layout, colors, dimensions and proof reading.

PMS color matching cannot be guaranteed. There are many more PMS colors than there are thread colors and many products are limited to standard imprint color charts. By placing an order, customer accepts these limitations.

Although every effort will be made to ensure the final product matches artwork provided, customer should be advised that due to certain limitations of the embroidery and imprint processes some variances are to be expected.

PRECISION THREADS EMBROIDERY, Inc. reserves the right to refuse orders or designs which we do not feel are appropriate to embroidery or otherwise will not meet our quality standards.

TURNAROUND AND DELIVERY TIMES: We suggest you advice PRECISION THREADS EMBROIDERY, Inc. of any delivery requirements however PRECISION THREADS EMBROIDERY, Inc. will not be liable for any loss of profit, interruption of business or any other special, consequential or incidental damages suffered or sustained by Customer in relation to turnaround times or missed delivery dates.

PAYMENT TERMS: Payment arrangements must be made with order placement and no unpaid orders can be shipped or picked up.

PRECISION THREADS EMBROIDERY, Inc. accepts cash, checks, Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. We can also provide invoicing via PayPal.

CREDIT: Applications for credit may be accepted from repeat customers. If approved, terms will be Net 15 unless otherwise authorized in writing. Invoices over 15 days past due will accrue interest at 1% per month billable at 30-day intervals from invoice date.

ALL ORDERS FINAL AS PLACED: Once confirmed by the customer, either through verbal authorization, in writing or by electronic transmission, all orders are final. Once confirmed, any errors, inaccuracies or omissions made during the placement and/or production of an order shall be the sole responsibility of the Customer. Order confirmation will be considered acceptance of all terms contained herein.

REFUNDS AND RETURNS: Since we deal in all customized products, no refunds and no returns of decorated merchandise will be accepted.

SPOILAGE/SHORTAGES: Decoration of customer-supplied items may result in spoilage of up to 2%, rounded up to the nearest whole piece. (This should be interpreted to mean that if even only one item is provided for embroidery it is subject to spoilage.) Credit only will be issued for spoilage of documented cost of spoiled items, limited to $40 each.

Apparel/product orders where PRECISION THREADS EMBROIDERY, Inc. supplies blanks will be delivered complete barred only by product availability in which case a substitution of un-supplied item(s), not whole order, or delivery of order short any unavailable items will be offered.

Some promotional/imprinted products are subject to over- or under-runs.

Any product shortage found by the Customer requires notification to PRECISION THREADS EMBROIDERY, Inc. within 24 hours of delivery receipt. Otherwise, the order will be considered complete.

LIMITATION ON DAMAGES: By placing an order for products through PRECISION THREADS EMBROIDERY, Inc. Customer acknowledges and understands that PRECISION THREADS EMBROIDERY is not the manufacturer of any product purchased by Customer. PRECISION THREADS EMBROIDERY cannot warranty them as to conditions of use, durability, fitness for a particular purpose or otherwise.

PRECISION THREADS EMBROIDERY, Inc. assumes no responsibility for researching or authenticating the rights held by any Customer to any trademark, as it relates to any design or logo reproduced on behalf of a Customer. Any and all liability for any act of trademark infringement rests with the Customer and Customer shall indemnify PRECISION THREADS EMBROIDERY, Inc. against any and all actions resulting from trademark issues.

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